For Easyboost Photo Print:

  • What is the defference between Home edition and Professional edition of Easyboost Photo Print?
  • Home edition:supports a maximum paper size of A4 and it is only for home users and non-commercial purposes.Not support freehand to lay out pages for printing.

    Professional edition:Supports all the paper size of your printer,and it is for business users and commercial purposes. Support all the features.If you are a home user and want to use freehand mode or want to print photos on paper more than A4 you should purchase the Professional editon.

    Common Questions:

  • Can I use one license on more than one computer?
  • No, a single license, and associated activation code, activates only one computer. You cannot use one activation code on multiple computers. However the same license can be used again a limited number of times(computers) in case your current computer becomes unusable and the software requires transferring.

    Not abiding by the End User License Agreement will result in your activation code being blocked and the purchasing of another copy in order to continue use.

  • How is product delivered after ordering?
  • We do not provide a disk containing the software.Normally the newest version is downloaded via a link and the activation code(s) delivered to you by email immediately after your purchase is complete. Please contact us if you haven’t received an e-mail from us within 24 hours after purchasing a license.

  • Do you provide free updates?
  • We provide two years of free updates after purchasing a license. To continue receiving updates after that two years,you need either to purchase a maintenance or continue using the version you have.

  • What payment types are supported?
  • We've outsourced payment processing to our partners –PayPro. They support almost all common types of payment, including Credit Cards, PayPal, Wire Transfers and much more.